Harvesting & Post Harvesting


We deal in high & premium Arabica coffee. To maintain this, we ensure our harvesting and post harvesting processes promote and maintain coffee cup quality


We pulp our garden coffee using clean water through pulpers and central washing stations


We have 3 central washing stations serving over 5000 farmers in; . Mukunyu . Muramba . Nyambuko


Individual farmers are equipped with pulpers while others in groups operate central washing stations.


Our coffee is dried using clean means. (Our coffee drying techniques)


Coffee is delivered from the farmer collection centers to our hulling factory in Kasese Town.

Financial Inclusion:

We have organised farmers into farmer groups, turned these groups into Money Saving and Credit schemes (SACCOS). We are on course of turning all these into functional Blend Village Banks for visible Financial Inclusion at the farmer community level.

Gender Inclusion:

BHI advocates for gender inclusivity. Our Farmer Initiatives encourage all gender groups to get involved in coffee farming as a commercial activity in the fight against poverty.

Clean Water:

We have tapped mountain water for the farmer communities. This has made it easy for the farmers to gain access to clean piped water.

Coffee Community Impact:

Buying our coffee and its products provides a functional income to our farmers and their households, granting them access to a meaningful life i.e. Good Living conditions, Proper & Quality Health Care and Quality Education to Children. Doing business with our farmers also enables them live a planned life that promotes advancement and improvement in all factors of life.