Since 1995

Our Story

With the increasing gaps between farmer, at the lower level of the value chain, and the value
adders & retailers , at the top of the value Chain, Blend House International set up to bridge
this gap in the Coffee Value Chain.

Our business model is operational from Coffee Farmer Gardens to the Consumer Cup while
ensuring that all players in the value chain are fairly rewarded more-so, Coffee Farmers
getting the best price for their high quality coffee that comes out of their plantations.

It is evident that coffee cup quality is affected greatly at coffee plantation level and post
harvesting activities. These two aspects are in the control and ownership of coffee farmers.

Blend House International works with coffee farmers to ensure that quality standards are
created and adhered to from coffee plantation level through all post-harvest activities. Our farmers doing this means that they expect a competitive price for their coffee, a maxim we adhere to every coffee season.

We ensure that our coffee farmers are provided for in a number of ways i.e. offered garden support in form of Knowledge and Financial support, skilled in coffee production and fundamentals of finance and agrobusiness. They are advised to take their coffee plantation as functioning businesses hence they have to make sure that they keep plantation records and data that aids them in decision making. This is done with the help of the Blend House International field farm Extension Services Team available to our farmers all year round.

Coffee Tourism

Many coffee lovers and users don’t have the knowledge or the processes the coffee goes
through to get to them. A wonderful coffee cup takes great efforts from many people involved
in the coffee value chain. We would like to share with the world our coffee journey. Using our
farmer gardens and plantations in Rwenzori Mountain ranges located in Kasese District,
Uganda, East Africa, we would like to guide coffee lovers on the different steps our coffee
takes from garden to cup. Upon request, we open our doors to you. Feel free, get in touch
with us.


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    Financial Inclusion:

    We have organised farmers into farmer groups, turned these groups into Money Saving and Credit schemes (SACCOS). We are on course of turning all these into functional Blend Village Banks for visible Financial Inclusion at the farmer community level.

    Gender Inclusion:

    BHI advocates for gender inclusivity. Our Farmer Initiatives encourage all gender groups to get involved in coffee farming as a commercial activity in the fight against poverty.

    Clean Water:

    We have tapped mountain water for the farmer communities. This has made it easy for the farmers to gain access to clean piped water.

    Coffee Community Impact:

    Buying our coffee and its products provides a functional income to our farmers and their households, granting them access to a meaningful life i.e. Good Living conditions, Proper & Quality Health Care and Quality Education to Children. Doing business with our farmers also enables them live a planned life that promotes advancement and improvement in all factors of life.